WTF… Professional Ghosting! Which Ghost Are You?

Over the past few months I’ve been experiencing an increased frequency and impactful new level of a Professional Ghosting. It’s time to address this issue head on in our professional. and personal lives. I fully acknowledge that in different situations and relationships most people can both be the ghost and ghosted. So in essence, we are all ghosts to honor all the various sides of ourselves. We can choose to relate to ourselves as different types of ghosts dependent on the situation, relationship, and circumstance of our lives. Ghosting is typically a term…

Can a large luxury item purchase inspire others, motivate your contemporaries, and move us towards a more sustainable future?

On average, the two largest purchases in your entire life are your house and your car. What we buy defines our external commitments, our inner values and represents our true lifestyle, thus your car purchase is incredibly important and happens on average every six years! [1]

Walden Monterey blends luxury homes with sustainable low impact footprints

Most people decide their home purchase or primary rental based on affordability with proximity to work, to schools, to family in a safe community they desire. When considering buying or renting any home, sustainability of the home itself becomes less of a factor, compared to how we will ‘perform’ in the home. …

Own your mornings, hack your workday to be more present, effective and productive!

Daily habits and lifestyle recommendations for balance on the edge.

By Jared Brick, Founder of ZEN Hustlers, Brick House Media Co, Gryp Media, MOV


Many of us possess old beliefs that limit our thinking on strict routines, strong habits, and daily patterns to feel more controlled and less free. Recent studies have shown that the more positive habits you adopt the more you will feel in control of your life, and hence experience more freedom in other areas! …

We’ve launched a new purpose driven branded under the parent company of Brick House Media Co.


Here’s how we describe these two yin and yang traits to help people find balance on the edge. We describe the following as:

Zen is…
A total state of focus that incorporates a complete togetherness of body and mind.
Zen is a way of being, thinking and living.
Zen is a state of being, meditation, and mindfulness to benefit us all.
Zen involves dropping illusion, seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

This is our perspective on Zen… what’s yours?

Find balance on the edge

Hustlers are…
Sharp motivated people, who innovate fast, create and scale for massive growth opportunities!
We seek our own path in life, not waiting for someone to hand it to us… and realize it’s a journey of hard work to go well beyond average and attain our ambitious dreams!
We are not here to dominate but leave our mark of impact on the world.

This is our perspective on Hustlers… what’s yours?

We are building more than a community but a strong…

“Communitas, a group of people with an ecstatic sense of unity. A feeling that tightens social bonds and ignites enduring passion — the kind that let’s us come together to plan, organize, and tackle great challenges!”

— Victor Turner, Anthropologist at University of Chicago

Recently, I connected and spoke with Stephanie Dickinson, a meditation and transformation coach. She shared her Zen Hustler adventures and is now living in Ubud, Bali. Below are many highlights from our talk and excited to share them with you.

What are some ways you stay connected and positive?

I love to dance and play music. Since I now live in Ubud, the Balinese culture here embraces lots of singing and cultural events that connects people.

Can you tell us more about your business?

In my company I’m a teacher, coach in mindfulness, meditation, many healing modalities and working 1:1…

Explore some of the leading components of a living a balanced and healthy zen hustler life. Read more original posts at:

We are hustlers. We are sharp motivated people that innovate fast, create businesses and scale for massive growth opportunities. We seek our own path in life, not waiting for someone to hand it to us… and we know it will take hard work to go beyond average to attain our ambitious dreams!

We embrace zen. As a way of living a careful balancing act of living and being mindful of the present moment with compassion for ourselves and…

Donald Trump’s new role is to aid us all in exposing our deepest, darkest, nastiest and the worst realities of our global culture into the bright light and out of the shadows; to visually and emotionally represent what we must overcome in our culture.

Image from ABC news

To help us all rise up and fight against all that we do not believe in to be good, just and moral! He is here for a reason and we must acknowledge that.

Only we can unify ourselves now… and it is happening, or we will destroy ourselves in the process! …

We just had a +3 hour meeting with a multimedia client of ours… not naming names!

Because they have not clearly identified their real target market, their value proposition to customers and a clear customer journey, they are lost on true strategic moves.

If you are also struggling with some of these issues here are some ideas;

1. Survey your existing customers, gain insights into why they love/need you or ways you can improve.

2. Do some online research into you target market to learn about who and why they need you.

3. Talk to people (customers or potential customers), do phone interviews and understand your unique value proposition.

What else are you doing to clean up your strategy?

Email us for a free strategy review!


Brick House Media Co

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Their first community photo every taken

We recently traveled to sunny San Diego for our client’s bi-annual event conference. While there we offered the following multimedia services for them…

  • Video capture of the event highlights, guest speakers, excited attendees and lovely location
  • Photography of the live event, attendees interacting, engaging speakers and location feeling
  • Social media live posts — using live digital media capture we could share to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter while at the event.
  • Live Event Presentation — We showed off about 100 photos and some video clips at the end of the event to build help personal engagement, while there!

Simply use…

I must admin… I suck at meditating!

I am usually checking for new emails, accomplishing tasks, replying to new leads and sharing on social media… so it is hard for me to sit still and do “nothing”. But as a bold founder and busy entrepreneur, I’m noticing some significant ‘issues’ arising from my lack of stillness. Lately, feelings of overwhelm, emotions of guilt or fear and a “busy” mind that keeps me up late and sleeping less…. all things I know are indicative of a troubled busy mind.

Meditation is something we now know for a fact is a great…

Jared Brick ∞

Founder @Brick House Media @BlockchainMedia @Grypmedia @ZenHustlers! Multimedia entrepreneur, photographer, videographer #creator @bhmediaco @zenhustlers

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